Please Stand By.

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No Power in the ‘Verse Can Stop Me. Except This… and That. You Can Do It.

Update time!

NaNoWriMo is by far failed. By any standard that others had set themselves I’ve drastically fallen short and I’m sure that you can tell by now that I’ve failed even my own standards.

Not a huge surprise, no, and ultimately there’s nothing to blame but myself and everything else that happened.

Between illness and bad scheduling I’ve been kicked back so many times these last two weeks and not much of a word count has come out of it. I’m seeing people racking up thousands of words per day and so far my count has barely even made it past a dozen.

Eleven thousand, I have to point out. Which I guess isn’t bad as averaging out as little under a thousand per day, so maybe I’m just selling myself short.

Although I’m not having much success with this I’m seeing a lot of other people succeed much more, erm, successfully (how many times can I successfully stick that word into a sentence?). More power to those people. If you’re one of those people, I bow to you and your discipline.

If you’re not and you’re more in a boat like mine then you have my sincerest sympathy. Really. I understand how shit it feels to sit there, more than likely while your mind wanders whilst you’re committed to doing something else, thinking about how much more creative work you’d be doing for your stories if you just came away from that thing.

Sadly, it’s probably something that you have to do and real life is important. What you’re doing instead of writing might just be so important that you can’t take your hand away from it. That important thing needs your attention so please, take a moment to think about how you’re doing something productive for someone else, or perhaps that it’s something productive for you, to help you carry on.

If it’s for someone else then I hope they realise just how important you are, or just how much you do for them. You’re amazing.

So you might fail NaNoWriMo. That’s okay. I will too, but I hope you realise that there are eleven other months in the year that you can do it on your own terms, where you might just have more power.

You can do it.

There are people who believe in you.


My cat believes in you and she likes to sleep in a plastic bag in her bed.

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You Should Be Writing: NaNoWriMo So Far

How is NaNo faring for you? We’re now four days in and only now do I find myself actually able to sit down and start properly. I’m starting with a handicap, I know, but ultimately it’s about getting that stuff down, isn’t it?

The way that I see it, if I add an extra so many words on top of my daily count I can make up those three lost days as quickly or as slowly as I want.

That’s it from me, today. I’ll let you know how things are going in a few days or so.

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What I Found in my Dusty, Mouldy Archive.

I was looking through my google docs just a few minutes ago and I managed to find a story that I hadn’t actually released to you.

I’d just finished reading through it and my fudge it needed some editing. How many times were certain words repeated? How many times did I describe a certain aspect, and just how many fucking words do I need to describe the night oh-so-many times?

Do you get the same issue? How frequently do you find that you repeat yourself when you’re writing? It’s such a pain in the arse when I find it and I can’t help but cringe about it.

I can recall why it was that this was written. It was a spur of the moment story, written fairly quickly by my standards (don’t ask!), and was initially written for a downloadable book that was to feature CG images based on the events of the story.

Since that died out I can’t see any issue in putting it up here and carrying on. Perhaps it’ll get picked up and put into that format in future, perhaps not. It’s up here now.

I’ve actually just realised the full irony in the story itself and the way that I found it and posted it here. You’ll see soon enough. I found it funny.

Funny like, ah, look: me Nan’s stuck in the dishwasher again.

You can find the new addition in the usual place, under Selected Works of Fiction, by this hyperlink, or by this URL:

Take your pick. I hope you enjoy!

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Look Over Here. Please?

Yeah, right here. Look! It’s me! I’m alive! This is very much me coming out of the woodwork of the internet and saying “by fuck I’m still here! Look at that! I’m as surprised as you are!” and stuff to that wonderfully unstartling effect.

No dead person blog over here, not no way not no how. Yet, remarkably, there’s no content to this blog post other than this thing. Nope. I’m just enjoying Wardruna and I’m about to feed my cat. Just give it a minute and I’ll get back to you.

Just a minute.

Okay, so I took a little longer than I thought. I made tea, so there’s that. Sat there. In a cup. Yeah, I’m bored too. So here’s the lowdown on what’s happening lately: I’m painfully aware that this blog pretty much died a death. I can’t portray it any other way – it died, didn’t it? So the question is “how do I bring it back to life without making it some freakish Frankenstein’s monster of an ordeal?”

I’ll be honest and say that that question may be largely constructed of superfluous content. I can whittle it down but I just don’t want to, so nerh.

Why, after so much time has passed, have I deemed it a good idea to return to this blog? Things haven’t gone particularly to plan with these things and, let’s face it, I spend most of my time not visibly doing anything about it. If anything comes up in the way of writing it’s usually spent outside of this blog and nowhere near it. Even the FB page suffered the same fate.

It’s still there, just like this blog. We all still survive, so let’s keep going.

I said time and time again that this thing wouldn’t become a journal. I kept certain things away from it and I’m still doing so, but it’s about time that that was loosened a bit. Let’s get some content out there and keep this thing going.

You don’t want news of Brontide do you? Well you’re wrong. It’s still going, but there’s much much more than what I last showed you. Let’s see if that gets posted.

That’s all from me at the moment. This entire post was done on a whim. I hope to hear from you soon and stuff. See you soon!

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The First Post of the Year, or Happy Anniversary!

Yeah, the first one. That’s quite bad, isn’t it? It’s taken me nearly four months to come up with some kind of post to put on the blog. With that said, it wasn’t down to me trying to come up with one – for the most part, I’ve just not had time.

Time has been a horrible factor in my life recently. With everything happening the way it is, I’m actually sorely pressed to sit down and actually manage this blog.

Oh I’m still posting. I’ll still post and I’ll always keep the blog up for as long as there’s someone out there who’ll lose their shit over Legolas in The Hobbit movie.

To top it all off, the crowning jewel in the shame of not-posting would be this:

Three Years with WordPress

That’s right! Three years! Three whole frakking years of this blog! Happy Anniversary to me! Happy Anniversary to my readers, and Happy Anniversary to your cows!

It seems like this year has it in for me when it comes to having time to myself for Kier exclusive activities. What have I been doing? At the beginning of the year I came to the realisation that I was on a hiatus with writing. In all due honesty I was feeling so bad about it that I was on the very precipice of giving it up. Between work, helping my partner with Erda (look it up! It’s a LARP that got nominated for Best New LARP 2016!), and other things it felt almost impossible to sit down, put my headphones on and set about writing anything to do with writing, let alone this blog. Hence the lack of updates and the like.

I have the techno curse. It’s been confirmed. If I sit down during the day, boot up any form of writing software, and begin, within moments somebody or something will accost me.

I’ll finish up here for now, but please expect me to pop out from the nooks and crannies of the internet like some long forgotten penny that once got lodged in the ceiling and then fell out into my lap and freaked me the out that never happened maybe.

I’ll end it as I started: weirdly. Here’s a picture of my cat.

Zelda March 2016

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Not Dead Yet.

I imagine that some of you would be curious to know what I managed to get done in NaNoWriMo. We’re eight days into December and I’ve not given you an update on what was managed.

I would like some water

I didn’t get as much done as I’d wanted. Big shock horror, right? So much more than I’d expected was accomplished though, and I found myself completing goals that I’d set for myself relatively frequently. That in itself is amazing enough – I’m so fucking happy to actually be able to look back on the month and say that I was able to pump out all of that work.

I won’t tell you how many words I successfully fleshed out since I’d like to keep some dignity and keep the mysterious and enigmatic air of myself being a modicum of success in my writey writing endeavours.

Something in the ballpark of twenty thousand. Which is really something for me these days.

I didn’t say that I was doing a lot. It’s also worth pointing out that Fallout did not actually impact my workload at all on account of a convenient meshing of schedules between myself and the people whom I live with.

Now here’s a picture of my cat to confound and confuse!

Zelda Christmas 2015

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