Aims and objectives for this blog.

First of all, I just noticed that I had three hundred and sixty five followers in the space of five minutes. Bare in mind that I only really started this blog up little over and hour ago. It seems utterly ludicrous that such a number would appear for such a small starting blog that doesn’t even have its wings, so to speak.

I worked it out though. In the infinite grace of me stumbling around the awkward amateurish steps of someone first starting out on wordpress, I managed to come to a section of the site which allowed me to look upon my demographics like a demi-god of blogging and social networks. So, like a goblin, I managed to look at a little detail that made me realise just what it was that allowed my number of followers here to suddenly soar like Icarus…

…I’d connected my blog with both twitter and FB. The amount of followers and friends that I have on that site adds up to three hundred and sixty five.

Well I felt like a right twaddle, and that’s enough for me to hang my head in belligerent bleh.

Yet I digress!

I came here to discuss the aims and objectives of my blog and that’s what I should be doing (yet now I can’t help but think that my latter story about my followers outshines my true purpose in this article).

The aims and objectives of this blog is to allow me to write and write and write whatever I please, and create some kind of audience to subject my fiction, my articles, my observations and the like upon. With this following I will make a metaphorical sail out of them and navigate myself into a position where a publisher, magazine, or newspaper group etc. will deem my collective fellowship as a fandom of sorts, and make myself that much more appealing to them.

Essentially, this is another step forward for me to get myself published, whether it’s self-published or by a dedicated publisher. So this is the official start, I suppose, to something that I hope will be just as amazing for myself that it I hope it would be for what may one day become my readers. The pic below is, of course, related.

Wish me luck, oh ye who hath become my fellow!


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