Non-fiction about the fiction!

Good evening!

I’ve just come away from a… from an unusual game of D&D using a dearly beloved character named Krunk who dates back to when I first started playing D&D almost four years ago. I daresay you’ll probably hear more about him in the coming months.

Back to my real news. 😛

I’ve just come away from adding one of my short stories to the blog. It’s ‘Of Clockwork Pigeons’, and is probably one of my favourite shorts to come out of my pen, so to speak. I’ll leave you to read it for yourself so I won’t give you a synopsis or some kind of lengthy discussion about it before you read it, but I’m open to discussing it in the comments section on the page.

That’s probably it from me tonight. I’ll post again tomorrow.

Goodnight, internet people.

Clockwork Pigeon

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