Of Time, space, and of the meaning of nothing.

I was perusing the demographics of this blog just a few minutes ago, and I couldn’t help but notice that there were zero visitors. None at all. I’m not disappointed at all, but it did make me realise that I should be doing more to get myself out there and advertise myself a lot more.

Yet without my finances being in my favour, how am I to do that?

I was given a few tips after some digging, and the answers were overwhelmingly obvious. Some I had already done, yet there were one or two which I reall should have noticed sooner. I need to schedule myself. I need to be able to tell people when my next post is going to be so that readers would have something to – and this sounds so obnoxious – look forward to.

To this end, I now plan to write a blog entry every two days at the very least, even if it’s just my rambling. Some of my friends would happily tell you that I ramble often. I daresay that some are funny, but who knows. I would estimate that you’ll find out. Soon.

Very soon indeed.

In other news, I had this wonderful owl painted for me as a gift from the artist Hollie Caddock. How awesome is that? I don’t mind admitting that I ‘squeed’  when she’d presented it to me. She has a facebook page with which she’s beginning to showcase her art, so please do her justice and visit her little nook of the internet. :3


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