There’s a starman waiting in the sky.

I’ve just written something new for you plucky reading adventurers.

I honestly didn’t think that I’d have something new today because Writer’s Block was being an utter twiddletwad to me once more. I was spurred on by a friend who gave me an idea to write and I extrapolated a bit more on it and sooner or later (although later seems more apt) it turned into a rather short short (of which, who writes short shorts? Dundun dun dununununer, dundun dun dununununer, I write short shorts) story.

I call it Ghost Ship, and it’ll be available after a little more tweaking. I’ll post it up in the Works of Fiction section onnnnnn…

…Friday. Until then you’ll have another one of my short stories tomorrow, which I labelled as Meryl’s Tower. I’ll post again tomorrow to tell you a little bit more about the story and its background before it’s posted up.

Until then – or sooner, as I am wont to do – see you tomorrow! I’m off for tea. And biscuits. Oh maybe not biscuits.

Oh alright, biscuits it is then. We’ll have tea and biscuits, and then we’ll write more.

Looks like you’re the only one reading at this point. All the other readers have scarpered off earlier. Well done for sticking with this post though.

You’re quite the little bookworm, aren’t you? Reading everything that’s available. Well done. :3

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