Tentacles, fleas and cats, oh my!

Good evening, good evening, good evening, good evening, good evening!

Yes, I’m copying Stephen Fry. 😛

Today has gone very well. Most of it was spent with a dear friend whom I’ve not seen for a while. It was really good to get together again and just converse the way that we used to. I won’t tell you all the topics, that’s personal, but the obvious nerding inevitably occurred. Oh! She showed me a flea market in the city centre which I’d never encountered before. I won’t tell you wear it was, but it was filled with all the items you’d expect to see in your, well for some of you I guess your grandfather’s, but for some of you your/your father’s/your sibling’s attic. Authentic vintage clothing ranging from the styles of the 1930s to the 1980s.

I died when I saw the pith helmet.

I cried when I realised that it was fake…

…and too small, like that deerstalker.

We also went on to discover a card game in a local boardgame store. Tentacle Bento is a really odd game that involves capturing your opponents cards from them, all the while, although it isn’t mentioned, the anime trend of ‘tentacles’ – which any otaku may now be groaning at – makes a heavy implication on just what these cards are being captured by. We didn’t play it, but I had a brief look at the rules. Very simple and fun looking. Tentacle r-

You don’t really want to hear about this, do you? :3

I might actually write a piece on this tentacular phenomenon. It’d probably have to be 18+ though. I hope you’re old enough. 😛

I’ve got to say that the snow started looming around Cardiff like a looming shadow. The snow was a dusting though. Nothing compared to the blizzards of mighty Skyrim, although I dearly wish that I had my cloak on me at the time.

In my other news, which is more than likely what you lovely people probably wanted to hear about, was that earlier today ‘Meryl’s Tower’ was published here online. It’s a tale that I concocted about a darling little cat who travels across a part of victorian London to eat with a friend and witness a clockwork sculpture. The sculpture itself is based on an old clock from the city of Newport in Wales. At the hour it would chime and do as the one in this short story would, minus the birds but complete with little devils and other marionettes that came out from the broken structure.

I did indeed love that clock, but after some digging when I wrote this, I had found that it had been scrapped. I couldn’t find a reason as to why this happened but it was a little disheartening to see such a… steampunk creation go to waste like that.

Honestly, I would have had it in my garden and all the complaints from the neighbourhood as it ground and chimed each hour would have been utterly worth every minute for that piece.

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