I like this post half as much as it deserves to be liked and I liked the last one twice as much as I should.

Hang on a moment; I’ve misplaced my tea. I’ll start writing when I’ve found it.

I’m back. It was on the chest of drawers. Completely out of reach an disrespectfully on the other side of to room. That’s the opposite of where I want it to be, which is against my lips, pouring the brown liquid of the philosopher’s stone into my digestive tract.

I am plainly aware that I mentioned a few days ago that I would post another blog note here on Sunday. Of course, this was the 31-03-2013 and now we’re one hour and nnnnine minutes into the 01-04-2013. I think of this as tardy somewhat, but I know for a fact that there are people out there who are sternfully stubborn in not letting the fact that it’s another day when it passes midnight; these people still believe that it’s the day before until they fall asleep and wake up. I disagree with them, but that’s okay. To them, my post is note late.

Yet I worry about that. Due to my disagreeing with them, I am, in a grey lacking monographic view of it all, of the mind that I am no longer existing on Sunday but on Monday’s time.

This makes me late, but still on time for my audience in the Americas. Obviously, to Asia and the rest of Europe, I am varying degrees of painfully late.

At least I would be, were I to have any audience outside of the UK. I know of one or two in the USA and the outlying nations, and of that one view that I had from Belgium (whom I hope was one Hercule Poirot).

Oh I’m not complaining. I’m merely prattling on about timelines and scheduling until a decent idea for this scheduled blog post comes to mind. So far, all that I have is prattling on about timelines and scheduling until a decent idea for this scheduled blog post comes to mind.

Oh dear. 😛

Mumbling, prattling, rabbiting, shuffling, pondering, plodding and erstwhile slugging along to my next and relevant (fancy that) point, this blogging business is viscerally new to me. Scheduling and keeping to schedules isn’t, but getting used to this whole blogging notion is going to take me a while to wrap my face and its attached head around so every now and then, I’ll have to admit, a blog post is going to be a little late, even by an hour or two.

So for those of you who follow the post regularly enough to anticipate another rambling from me, my sincerest apologies. To the rest of you, s’appening? 😛

I did ask if people would like to send me ideas on what to write for the next story. Nobody got back to me, so I came up with one for myself.*

To that end, anybody following me on twitter may have been eagle eyed enough to notice me shout out from the rooftops that I’m currently writing another short story for the LARP group ‘The Green Cloaks‘ (GC). This one is going to be a background piece for one (two, really) of the characters involved in the main stories and events, where something is going to happen spectacularly. Keep your eyes peeled for it – there’s a possibility that I’m going to be posting my GC stories up here, but then there’s every chance that they’re going to stay GC exclusive, where you may only be able to read them if you’re actually a part of the group.

So, until Tuesday, here is a clue to tide you over.


* Don’t get the wrong impression of me here. I’m not the whiny type of person who’s going to cry out and moan that nobody’s visiting my page or viewing my stuff; the immaturity of that staggers me. No – I just need to do a better job of what I’m currently doing and possibly try something new. Change is the core of evolution. :3

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