You know loose and lose are two different words, right? Otherwise, this title is irrelevent.

I still haven’t watched the opening episode to the new season of Game of Thrones. I just caught myself looking at a scene from it before I could shield my eyes and flail for the button that turned it off and over.

Guess what I’m doing when I sally forth from my cave for tea. That’s right – eating biscuits too. 😛

Yeah, I guess I’ll watch the Game of Thrones episode that’s recorded on my Sky+ drive.

This is my blog for today.

On that note, the short story that I mentioned will be done tomorrow. I made a note of having a crack of it earlier this afternoon but ultimately it needs a rewrite. Parts of it didn’t flow, the cause & effect was profane and… well, half of it was sullied by poppycock writing.

I won’t lie, I found it awful reading. It started off well but then I had delete half of it for just being plain awful. I can’t let one poorly formed short story stain my name so far.

At the very least it would have been far better than Stephanie Meyer’s work.


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