Irony within, irony without.

Just a small time ago I was explaining just how I thought that I was a little tardy in being a few hours late in posting a blog entry. I said that I was going to post every now and then but each time I would post I would state when my next entry would come.

The main problem that I had with my last entry wasn’t at all with anything in that entry specifically. It’s relevant indeed, but it was an issue ironically addressing just what I was talking about; I may sometimes be late and I may sometimes completely forget things, yet I would always end up updating this new blog of mine at the very least within a short time of when I had scheduled it to be.

No. My main problem was that I am so unequivocally late, that my blog seemed to shut down in all but its online presence because of another ironic moment. Of this second moment I will address just after I tell you what misadventure befell me, and of another marvelously marvelous marvel that made me marvel my main mode of marveled majesty.

A few days ago, on the day that I was planning my next post, my internet connection went as limp as a dead man’s woohah. Then it disappeared and was replaced, visually, by a page from an internet provider that I can’t name here.

British Telecom.

Long story short (I won’t bore you with details): due to a miscommunication between their departments, they’d cut my connection. Surely you can see the irony in the miscommunication in the internal affairs of a telecommunications company. For the past few days I’ve been awaiting the reparation of this predicament. Today, it unexpectedly returned.

I’ve been catching up on messages and the like since, and then I’ve come over to post this particular particle to party ‘pon this precluding precipice of present propriety of property without penalty, but possibly professional programming.

Sorry, I enjoy those.

My next post, and possibly the rewritten short story that I previously mentioned, will be on Wednesday. Unless I get cut off again, in which case, I’ll post whenever I can.

Toodle peepskie,

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