An early post on what was posted through the post post-delivery.

As above and so below! This post comes earlier than I’d stated yesterday. Yes! An entire day! Aren’t you lucky? You get to hear me babble on about something.

I would say that this must be punishing for your vision slots and your sight receptors, but you’re still reading.


How awesome is that?

You’re reading my blog, my blog posts, and whether or not it was by the purest accident, you clicked on… whatever led you here and here you remain.

I can make you read whatever you like.


Not you. The flower. You just read something about a flower. Huzzah.

I appear to be running on a tangent about my power over your vision. Now you may say that you have more power, and stopped reading long ago, yet you just read this. Of course somebody may have stopped reading along the way out of sheer frustration or utter boredom, but they haven’t read this section, which you have just read. Congratulations, thrall of curiosity and of the writer.

That tangent has digressed massively from what I’d wanted to show you, which is one of the things that I promised I’d show you in yesterday’s post. How shameful. I badgered myself over being late, then I blathered on about how ironic it was that I was ironically disconnected and now, here I am, stifling this post over something that I’d forgotten to post about.

Dear me. 😛

Kier Sparey Viking Sword

This is my sword. It is indeed a LARP sword (special thanks to Eldritch), and is modelled on the blades used by the viking raiders of old. Needless to say, I am in love with it. It was even delivered on a Thursday (brilliantly coincidental and rather relevant, if you understand the notion).

My main issue with it now is actually naming the lovely fellow. It’s my first [usable] LARP sword. Any ideas? Answers on a post card.

See you tomorrow,

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One Response to An early post on what was posted through the post post-delivery.

  1. Hollie says:

    Aparently, it is the norse verb ‘to claw’. :3

    Or you could compliment Vorpal and call it Jabberwock :3

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