On trying to keep one’s word amongst sentences.

I told you that I’d be posting today, didn’t I?

Well here I am. A post amongst posts.

I recall telling you that I was going to [possibly, maybe, hnnng] post up the latest short story that I was writing, which involved a clue of what looked like a satellite in the midst of a thing that I like to call ‘blowing up’. I’ve hit a snag with it. I don’t like the finished version so I went back and deleted all the delicate little flowers that weren’t quite up to standard.

I even found a spelling error. I perish the thought. Brrr.

Instead I’ve decided to give you lovely people this short story, ‘Don’t Get Around Much Anymore’. It’s a fanfic, and possibly the only piece of it that I’ve written [that wasn’t, shall we say, erotic] and have been somewhat happy enough to share with other people. It’s based on Fallout III, the video game for PC and the Xbox 360. It follows two characters who are travelling traders and the like who wander the wasteland in search of more ‘caps’. I’m particularly happy with the title; most of the missions in the video game are based on a song title from the 1950s, so I took the hint and did the very same here. I went through a small library of music to find the most appropriate song with a likewise appropriate title in order to add that extra layer of depth to the whole thing.

The two characters are my own creation, and I did want to continue writing with them. I thought that they had the potential for a lot more character development and I enjoyed writing them both. I might write a little more for them, but ultimately I want to know if people would enjoy reading more about these two and this Fallout world through my writing.

I’ve also decided to tease you a little, those of you who want to read it. 😛 It’ll be up tomorrow afternoon, at one o’clock GMT. 😛

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