A short one about a short one.

In half an hour I’m going to release a piece of fiction that was dubbed as too violent by the organisation that I’d originally presented it to. The character involved was my own and the world was essentially theirs.

It was put aside and not released publicly. So here I present it to you. It’s my work, after all, and I wasn’t told that my work was exclusive to the group.

For their interests I’ve altered a few details, especially names, in order to make it clear that I’m not crossing lines of any kind.

It’s going to be released at 2200 GMT today, so get your feet to my fiction section if you want to read it!

I will get back to you lovely people tomorrow!

EDIT (2209): My apologies. I did have the item scheduled to appear at 2200 but it doesn’t appear to have actually appeared. I’m working on this problem right now.

EDIT (2212): The short story is posted now. It’s now in the usual place with all the other pieces of work. It’s located right at the bottom of the drop-down box. Enjoy!

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