Detailing the beginning of the beginning, and handing you some tea and biscuits!

Behold! Another post!

My blog is really coming together now. We’ve come only a short way so far, yet I think that I have a few good followers enough to start publishing one of my favourite accomplishments, The Courthouse Arc, which was a compilation of short stories that I put together for the LARP system, The Green Cloaks (GC).

Ultimately it’s been a part of something that I’ve wanted to do. With GC, being the sanctioned creative writer, I’ve come with a fairly numerous audience to begin with. I was a little amazed to find that people were reading my initial story, which was the first part of the Arc. This is what prompted me to go on and write the second part, always spurned on by both the praise that I was getting and my own desire to write.

By writing the whole arc, I was giving myself an exercise in writing that I hadn’t done before. I once planned a novel, but that fell through for various reasons. Writing this series allowed me to pace myself, and work myself in such a way that I would be writing both for myself and a small audience.

GC continues to grow, and so does my possible audience, yet what I really want is for more people to read my work and – I’m going to be selfish here – praise my work.

Paint me greedy, but I want more attention from readers. I want to be put in the limelight for writing good works.

So I hereby announce that I will create a new page after posting this post of posts post-haste (teehee) dedicated specifically to my GC works. At the very least, it will be home to The Courthouse Arc.

This treasure of mine will be scheduled to be released at 1200 GMT each Wednesday in seven installments as their original respective seven parts. Don’t worry. I’ll throw up a countdown too, just because I like you.

I’ll see you on Tuesday!

Good day to you!


(Above: Colonel Sparek of the Green Cloaks, CO of the Kingskeep 98th)

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