Swords, Stories, and Artwork.

Good Wednesday!

I hope it’s Wednesday! Who am I kidding? I know because the countdown ended today!

That’s right, the very first part to the Green CloaksThe Courthouse Arc was released here on my blog for the first time today! Before now it was hiding in cramped, stifling compartments in Microsoft Word, upgraded to a little flat in the middle of Google.docs city and is now sitting in… a… slightly larger but still stifling flat… in Facebook city…

I strained there just as much as you did. 😛

My point is that The Courthouse Arc is now here, on my blog for all to see, read, and lick the monitor screen (but only if you want to).

For those of you who reeeeeeally like the story, the safety word is “Mississippi”.

In other news, my nordic sword has been named! In order to find out what it was named and why, read: it’s named Jabberwock. A dear dear friend of mine has a sword named Vorpal. She asked me to name it Jabberwock so that they could be a pair (of sorts. They look so different). Now you may be sensing the theme here being Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and you’d be right. An interesting thing about this is that this friend of mine is from the same area that Lewis Carrol was from when he created his most well known works. :3

In yet even more other news, check out this image.
Colonel Sparek Nifelheim Full Portrait

That image is Colonel Sparek Nifelheim from my Courthouse Arc. It was painted by the artist who owns the page Hollie Caddock. Go forth! Spread your “likes” on facebook! Whilst you’re doing that, I’ll wait. It’s okay, I’ll wait. I’ll be here.

Okay? Are you back? See? I told you’d be here.

On that note I’ll leave you with this: Why is a raven like a writing desk? Poe wrote on both. In all seriousness though, that question doesn’t have an answer. Carrol never intended for it to be answered.

See you on Saturday!

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