Memories of Future Past

I recently opened up to find that one of my favourite authors had released this lovely beauty of a gem on his blog. Below is the image for his next book, entitled ‘The Warmaster‘, which I believe is being released in September.

See it? See how lovely it is? I want to wrap my fingers through its pages, and I’m just a series of text.

I cannot hide just how giddy this book’s cover makes me feel. Suddenly the next story in the Gaunt’s Ghosts series has been made tangible for me.

As if to say that I can’t possibly be excited over a book cover, take a gander at this one.

For the first time in a while I can actually say to myself “oh my god-emperor”. I haven’t said that for a while and I think it speaks volumes (get it? :P) that I just said it. It’s such a good series. How on Terra can somebody be that good at writing?

Certainly not I. Sadly not. Dan Abnett is easily one of the greater influences in my writing and it makes me jolly well bloody well Jimmy’s down the well happy.

The first image is from a series of stories that essentially keep me coming back to Warhammer and the Black Library (the publishers). The second image is too, but the first one is a brand new story in the series. The last few to have come out saw me getting up at an ungodly hour of the day and make my way down to the nearest city to get to Birmingham with some dear friends of mine to both purchase them and get them signed by Dan Abnett himself.

The second image is the first book in that series. Gaunt’s Ghosts first book is being re-released as part of a ‘classics’ section of Black Library. I recently managed to get my first edition signed by Abnett. I was incredibly happy with that, especially since I was dressed as one of the soldiers from these stories. 😛

Which is something else that I should mention, really.

My first trip to Birmingham (which I failed to mention was part of Games Day in the Brimingham NEC) saw me cosplaying there too. I met a pair of people who I’m still friends with to this day there who were also cosplaying the same group of characters. What stuck with me was their extension of an invite into a group that I’m still a part of.

This group keeps me going and is a large part of my life now. It keeps me incredibly happy. I won’t talk about the history of the group, but the group eventually evolved into The Green Cloaks and we’ve shipped off away from the 40k tagline into something better. Our own story.

Which is great. 😛

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