Good morning, good afternoon, good evening and good night

Gooooood evening, my little people of peopledom! My person plural! My versatile audience!

You may have noticed that I’ve not been posting for a few days. The reason behind this is perfectly plausible, reoccuring and consistent.

You may have guessed why already. Congratulations, if you have! My internet connection has gone kaput. I now sit in a dear friend’s house and talking to you for the pure fact that I’m to apologise for two things.

The obvious one is that I’ve not posted for a while. The second is because I won’t be able to post for a while when I return home either. Not until – at the very least – the 28th of May.

it took me a few minutes to type that. The hamster I was staring at is adorabubble.

So now is the moment where I’m saying goodbye for now. This post is essentially merely to apologise and say all the lovely greetings that lie up there in my title because I won’t be able to say them to you properly until I return.

I have a few things lined up; London MCM Expo is due soon. I’ll be attending the Saturday as one of my own characters – Colonel Sparek Nifelheim.

I’ll see you soon! Take care of yourself!

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