After the wait, the bloodshed and the Comicon, comes the return of the Kier-thing

Hello, you veritable munchkins who can read!

It’s certainly been a while since I’d last posted; a lot has happened to me in the space between postings and my tumultuous internet spasms.

For those of you who kept in the loop, you may have noticed that the entirety of The Courthouse Arc was being released every Wednesday, as promised, through the arcane ways of techno-sorcery – specifically schedulmancy. :3

I won’t detail my negative experiences here. This blog is for writing fiction and articles and the like, and isn’t meant to be a chronicling journal of my life; I can’t help but think you’d all get very bored of reading that, especially when the negative aspects come out and I just end up coming across as a whiny, little, shrivelled up teenager who can’t get a grip on life.

What a mistake it would be. Nobody wants to read that sort of nonsense.

No, not at all. What I will tell you is this: Comicon (London MCM) was amazahhhhhhhhh. Friends are friends and it’s always such a boon to see your extended family-away-from-family. I miss them far too much when they’re away from my immediate vicinity.

I was even gifted with the prototype bracer for a particular design of vambrace that’s being/been released via Gem’s Trading Co. by the person who made and designed them. Yet another amazing and utterly brilliant person. :3

For those of you who want a reference, here’s an image of Sparek and Clara from the Green Cloaks:

Although Sparek is sporting a sword and his rifle is nowhere to be seen, you may take the hint that in future stories he’s planning on learning swordplay. Those will be fun to write, I think. He will be experiencing character development!

Here’s another. Yeah, I’m showing off. 😉

Since I’ve been gone from the ether(net) for such a period of time, I really need to get back into writing as soon as possible. I’ll load up a short story that I’d found sitting in my documents when I’m done with this-

-feth it, I’ll do it now so that I may link you when it’s done.

There. Here it is – Sparek and The Arsenal.

I’m aware that the Green Cloaks have taken up a large portion of my writing here on the site right now, and I’m talking about them a lot. Considering that it’s less than a month until their first LARP event of the year, I have every right to be excited, although I need to start expanding my writing elsewhere again. Nerds Raging needs my attention again, since I’ve not written for them in weeks.

I’ll get to working on that as soon as I can.

Thanks for listening, children! Ahroooooooooooh!
Kier x

P.S. Here’s another image, with Sparek fighting Ryu. Enjoy! 😛

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