Dude. You look like…

I was told something quite odd today.

I “look like Daario Nahari” from Game of Thrones. It’s not an insult. In fact, I find it rather complimentary. Here’s an image of the chap here:

Honestly, I love the look on him, and the character has shown quite a few traits which I like so far (although I honestly have a strong dislike of Daenerys Targaryen, which without spoilers I can’t tell you why that fact is important to this character, but those of you who know what’s going on and what’s going to happen, know). Of course, he looks a tad – how can I put this? – like his face is made of knees, and I’m much more full in the face, but I think I could pull of his image.

By ‘image’ I mean to say that I could cosplay this character quite easily. His costume would be quite the issue though, since apart from the hair I have nothing on his person that I can replicate at this moment. I don’t even have maille, let alone scaled maille.

His sword and dagger pose a larger problem, since their handles are paired and moulded into gilded little naked ladies. Cue Takei: “ohhhhh myyyyyyyy”.

A little look at his armour shows this: scale maille shirt (full sleeve); a “hero belt”; what I assume is a leather cuirass beneath patchy maille strips; a collection of scrap cloths that make an overlayed shirt to the scales; and two shoulder pads that resemble thatched leather Roman pauldrons.

At the very least, a hero belt can be appropriated from any good LARP store. The pauldrons, although not thatched, can also be found in these stores too. Again, the same goes for the (assumed) cuirass. Everything else will be an issue.

For a cosplay, it shouldn’t be too hard to hunt/make these things at some point. Still, the swords will be an issue. Custom made, maybe?

I could just cosplay the book version of him, but when he looks like the image below, I’m dubious. What the TV version offers is a well known, established image of a character (or set of them) which people can recognise.

I have half of a plan for the costume right here. Maybe I should go for it.

That’s it from me tonight! Goodnight, all!

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