A book of my own to sniff.

Work is being done on a book which, along with artwork, will include a mass of text which will feature short stories and information on fictional planets.

Well this is all very well and good but where’s the interesting bit which makes it relevant to me?

If you haven’t worked it out yet (in which, shame on you) then I’ll take the liberty of giving you the information here.

The artwork involved is none other than the work of Hollie Caddock, and the book itself is focusing on the universe – or specifically the Segovax Cluster – of The Green Cloaks universe. The pictures here are items of her own artwork. I hope you enjoy them.

You may now play this song and read on during, since it’s summing up my feelings on this subject: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i36tXq7yK6c

So it’s just a little bit of a hint that might lead you to think that one of the fellows involved in writing up the fiction involved is me.

I’m playing a large factor in a book that is going to be published. Helheim, it might not be my book, but I’ve got a role to play in it and I’ve already been playing such a large part in creating the world of the Green Cloaks. So you could argue that the book that I so wish to sniff isn’t actually my own, or that I may only be able to feel gratuitous in sniffing the ink of the words which I have written myself. 😛

HUZZAH is an appropriate word, I think. 😛

The book is being put together over the next few months, and I don’t know of the release’s details just yet. I’m hoping to get some kind of detailing on that soon, but until then I am going to continue what I’m doing, which is working on short stories and working for GC behind the curtain, and today will be working in tandem with Ms. Caddock, who is putting the book together as we speak (or as you read, if you’re as anal as I).

I may have another post later today, but I may leave it to tomorrow. I’m going to try for one post a day up until the 28th, after which I will be away for the weekend.

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