The Search for Inspirado.

I recall that, in a previous post, that I was going to write a post for every day until my holiday at the end of this month.

What happened there? 😛

If truth be told, if I had written anything, then it wouldn’t be all that great; I want to write things with a decent meaning to them, rather than make this blog my journal. Something like that isn’t what I want to do – especially when it comes to be that my day to day life isn’t all that exciting, and the dramatic bits aren’t something that I want to share with the world.

I will tell you this though: actually, no I won’t. Bwahaaa!

Yes I will. 😛

I’ve begun to read A Song of Ice and Fire – at last – and I had to put it down on the first page of the prologue. Not because it’s terrible. It isn’t that by far; the sheer fact is that it’s more or less as good as I thought that it was going to be (which in itself is improbable to see though, for it’s better to rein in an opinion after the first few chapters) and I returned to an open Word doc. and just wrote out a short story in rapid succession of each word.

I was rather happy with that, so I’m going to see what will happen after a chapter. 😉

Speak soon.

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