The Mediocre Plans of Mice and Men.

I had completely forgotten what I was doing as a project before I had left for the weekend. Only today did I remember that I was supposed to be writing out at the very least a novel plan.

After the weekend away I was gathering some ideas at the same time as everything else, and after some major character development I’ve come to realise that one of the major issues with the Green Cloaks novel is the timeline.

Do I set it between events Y1.3 and Y2.1? Do I set it over a series of occasions that stretch between and over events?

Doing anything that would have me writing about things that happened in events in any great detail would bugger up the LARP player’s envisioning of the happenings. Doing anything that would give people information that they should find out in play is always a danger, but given some of the characters and the universe’s background etc. it would happen anyway, but it’s the choosing of what gets put out there and what isn’t that I would need to be careful about, really.

So the conclusion would come that I cannot write about events directly, but I can write about what had happened if it’s only briefly mentioned by the main character of the story. Only sparsely though, since too much information could really perturb things for the system, the players and I.

So the novel’s plot itself would have to take place between events, mention as little of the LARP events’ plot as possible. It’d be difficult, but as long as certain things are established – Sparek’s eye, a certain characters having large issues that were addressed as MAJOR plot points, or even something as simple as gaining a new weapon – in-game then I can mention it briefly, perhaps a paragraph or two; just enough to give the reader an inkling of what had happened and make it very clear where such an ability/item came from so that it doesn’t become so small a point that it is forgotten and then later regarded as a deus ex machina.

I’d be trepiditious at least about making a tiny thing something that would end up becoming the last moment of salvation in the plot though.

I have a general idea of what’s to come and how I’m going to do it. Now all that I need to do is write it all down and work out the plan properly.


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