Too Much Time and Not Enough Time To Use It. What?

Have you ever found yourself in a busy situation that isn’t really all that busy? Hours can pass by in the blink of an eye where you find yourself doing very little at all, or you have been doing things and now you have nothing to show for it?

That’s exactly what it’s felt like these past few days. Of course I’ve been working; I’ve been a tad busy with things and trying to work on writing etc. but looking at this blog and looking through my folders, it feels as though I’ve done very little and next to nothing at all.

I have two files sitting in My Documents that haven’t been there all that long, and although they have a lot of words spread-eagled over the pages like Julia Roberts in another Richard Gere film, I can’t help but feel like I didn’t just spend a dozen or more hours in total over the last three days on them.

That said, the last work that I’ve shown you was Jeremiah, and that was a spur of the moment piece of work that worked its working magick on a working friend of mine (feedback came back from a dear friend of mine, and whose literary views and opinions I value greatly. Jeremiah had her crying on her second reading. I honestly think that that’s a huge accomplishment for me. If I can do that, what can I do in future texts?).

To this end, I promise that you’ll have a little more by Monday. It seems unfair that although I’m working on stuff that I would not share anything with you. I may be able to give you the work I’ve been doing, but I can certainly write something up for you by Monday.

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