Once More Unto the Breach, Another Part to the Party of Parts.

I have scheduled a new short story to be published here at eight o’clock this evening. It’ll be available in The Courthouse Arc’s section in The Green Cloaks Fiction.

The more astute of you may have noticed that Zarathustra was a follow on from The Courthouse Arc’s story and was actually one in itself, despite not being focused around Sparek Nifelheim. Zarathustra is technically The Courthouse Arc pt.VIII, and pt.IX will be released, as I said, at eight o’clock tonight.

There’s a reason for all this numbering and adding to the tale, really there is. I’m turning it into a full story, and hopefully, a novel. This is one of the things of which I’ve been working on. I won’t release everything that I’ll be writing on the novel since I hope to publish it one day. Who’d buy my book if it’s readily available here though, hm?

Pt.IX won’t be terribly long though, but it’s another step toward another part of the tale that will go onwards. I’ve left enough loose ends in the previous parts and Zarathustra has sweetened the pot somewhat.

I hope you’ll enjoy it nonetheless.

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