For Far Too Long It Has Been Far Too Long For Far Too Long.

I think it’s been far too long.

It’s been far too long since the last time I wrote anything on this page. Anything worth reading was written well over a week ago and the last thing was an SOS message asking people to message me as to whether or not they could read what I managed to post.

The good news is that no. Nope. Nobody managed to tell me if they could or not, so I can only assume that they couldn’t. 😛

Huzzah. 😀

Huzzah to the lack and huzzah to my proper return!

So what has happened in my little microcosm of me?

I died.

Colonel Sparek Nifelheim Full Portrait

Rather, I didn’t die, but my LARP character, Sparek Nifelheim, the one whom I’ve been writing about and using as a Point-Of-View character in my Green Cloaks stories, has perished. I’m not going to say goodbye. I can’t; It’s emotionally problematic but I can still use him as a focus if I utilise his past as the focus focuses on the focus of the stories. Focussss. Focuses.

To much focus.

Ford Focus.

Massive digression. My fault. I could edit it but I don’t want to. Nerh.


Well it looks like the server issue is all over and I can get back into my routine of writing out to you fellows and getting my crud back to normal.

It’s good to be back.

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