Update for version

No, I don’t know what’s up with the title either. I was just having some fun to be honest and it went a little odd. 

Still, there is an update!

I. I continue my work on building The Green Cloaks universe. The worlds for each of the factions haven’t been touched since just July and now more work is being put forward to the last of the main four, Durgan.

II. Working on something of a spree, I’ve pumped out another short that’ll be The Courthouse Arc pt. Twelve. I have some editing to do on that front just to make sure that my grammar senses don’t tingle and then I’ll publish it here, like I always do, for you lovely people.

That’s pretty much it, but I wanted to share this GIF with you (not the lemon juice):

If you want a reason for the GIF, then I’ll think of one for you. 😛

See you soon,

P.S. The GIF is relevant to the second update. 😛

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