No Apology Given, the Reason Why, and Establishing Published Status.

Recently, some of you may have encountered the event of your pet looking up and into blank spaces. Your dog, for example, may have looked up, perked up its ears, and looked toward the door even though no noise alerted you to someone’s approach. Others amongst you may have briefly gone deaf, or had suffered from momentary tinnitus.

I regret to say that some people may have encountered glass spontaneously shattering, causing traffic incidents, or causing people to lean against a window that was previously there, and falling to the floor outside.

None of these were actually accidents. Rather they were, but they were not intentional.

These incidents were cause be the highly pitched vocal cords of none other than me, who had “squee’d” so loud after hearing that he’d been published for the first time ever, that I’d instigated all of the above problems in a ten mile radius.

I’m not going to apologise, because that’s my happiness splooshing across the countryside, and I need that level sometimes. ;3

I am published! Perhaps not in a book format, but in an eBook, I exist as a published author. It’s available here, and if that hyperlink doesn’t work, here’s the link:

So you can imagine that when I was told about it, “at first I was like”:

…”and then I was like”:

I’m sorry. I just wanted an excuse to put the GIFs there. 😛

The book itself had been planned for months, and features artwork by Hollie Caddock, which my writing sits next to looking all texty. You’ve probably noticed that it’s The Green Cloaks themed, which should come as no surprise. 😛

If you do decide to pick it up, then I hope that you enjoy it. It’s filled with 46 pages of awesome artwork and details a rich universe and the inhabitants within it, and at that price it’s a steal, in all due honesty.

In other news I’m starting another part to the Courthouse Arc soon, although I don’t see much work getting done in the next eight days since I have plans of the plannage variety.

I’ll have another blog entry for you soon, though!

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