Copyright, All Rights Preserved, May Contain Nuts.

Some time away and I realise that there were (and still are, to be fair) some things that I need to get done.

First off, which is something I’ve done, is copyright all of my work, including some other stuff which protects my position with… secret stuhff. :3

Secondly, I’ve worked out the transitional text that had bothered me concerning The Courthouse Arc’s next piece.

Thirdly, which is something that I need to work out, is the new name for The Courthouse Arc.

Since the story has moved away from the Courthouse itself, the name no longer fits the purpose. Therefore I need to come up with a new name that will reflect the story in both its demeanour and in the story’s overall plot. I need a good title that will hook people in and, in order to satisfy my foreshadowy, wink-wink, nudge-nudge, the-answer-was-there-all-along lusts.

Soon I will find a new name. All suggestions are welcome, but it’s not guaranteed that I will pick what you suggest. So “Mr. 108th’s Soiree on Zennor” or some kind of fanboy melodrama won’t make it. 😛

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