Eisenstein and Mr. Snugglemuff.

So I let my editor start doing what they do to one of my stories. I leave for a few minutes and I returned to this frolicking adventure as a separate block of text at the very bottom of the document. I hope that you enjoy it as much as I did.

+ + +

Eisenstein turned to look at his neon, bunny friend as they frolicked over the hills of pink-liquorice grass and buttersweet buttercups.

“Do you think we lost them?”

The green fluffball squeaked, nodding his head before telepathically replying: “Why, yes I do, Ms. Eisenstina! By the way, I stand corrected. You look simply fabulous in those heels! On top of that, I’ve never seen you run so fast: I didn’t think you would be able to stand!”

Eisenstein smirked and licked his teeth with pride, adjusting the suspenders to his silken stockings as he admired the glittering pink stilettos the pair had managed to steal from the 32nd’s storage.

“Why, thank you, Mr. Snugglemuff, you look stunning, yourself, with those tassels on.”

“I was scared they’d fall off!” Mr. Snugglemuff pouted, placing both paws over the nipplecovers they’d also stolen from the 32nd’s caramel barrels. “But they stuck better than I thought they would.” The rabbit flicked a sequinned ear before hopping forwards to the ridge of the hill.

“How far away are we from the Gumdrop drop zone?” Eisenstein hitched his candyfloss skirt as he passed the barbed bon-bon bushes: they tore ever so easily…

“At least 20 minutes walking.” Nodded the bunny. “But we could make it 10 if we skip!”

“Skipping!” Eisenstein proclaimed with excitement. Oh, what a joyous day to be alive! “Then come, Darling! Let us skip into the sherbert sunset, past the gumdrop drop zone and out until we reach the fondant sea!”

And so they did. The 32nd could only gasp and cry as they searched for their Friday night attire.


– by Ms. M Editor.

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