“The Courthouse Arc” and Stuff.

Despite it being over a month now, the new part should have been out a small time ago. Instead I’m here, writing this out to you now, to tell you that it actually won’t be that long until a new part to The Courthouse Arc is out. It’s a matter of days, really.

In fact, in the next two, maybe three days. So those of you who are going to London MCM Expo this weekend will have something to come back to or read over the weekend between your cosplaying and all the socialising that I’ll be missing out on this time; I’m jealous, but have fun.

I still want to change that name. We’ve moved on from that and absolutely no good names are coming forward at all.

Just found one: “Rain Solution”. Doesn’t sound all that great now, thinking about it.

Expect Rain Solution XIII to be released by Sunday! No, I don’t like it. The Courthouse Arc pt. XIII will be out by Sunday! Mm.

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