A Whole New [Cyber] World.

For the number of you whom had rolled a successful perception check, you will have noticed that I’d recently splashed out with my non-existent moneys and did a free thing: I’ve extended my digital dermaprint and created a page on the Book of Face.

To the right is a “like” button and I think a link to the page, which has only recently started so it won’t have as much stuff on it as I’d like. That includes fans, I think; I have to admit to feeling quite cheeky and greedy for thinking it, but as of this blog post’s publication it stands as a measly twenty four. So so small.

Still, this blog usually averages out as four hundred, so I shouldn’t be so whiny and be grateful for the people who visit my blog as it is.

So thank you to all of you people following me, and even moreso to those who are reading my stuff of stuff!

Here’s the link to my Facebook page. I’m not the demanding sort so I’ll leave the information with you to do as you please!

I’m also distinctly aware that I told you all that something is coming soon and whatnot; fear not, since I’m still working on it so an update on it is upcoming soon!

Speak soon,

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