Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed and Nothing Relevant to Marriage Please.

I recently said that something new is coming, gave some little hints here and there, and then went silent about it.

I’m going to keep quiet about it further but I will give you this – I’m going to postpone the new thing and then I’m going to give you all the last few scenes to The Courthouse Arc. The last few scenes will make up the prologue and the last bits of chapter two of the story; this will make up, in total, the prologue, chapter one and chapter two on my blog.

I’m fairly certain that you could have tone that mathematical bit in your head. It’s not difficult at all, is it?

So all that will be present here on my blog will be the first two chapters of my book. Unless I’m practically begged or being just plain nice, I won’t be putting anything more than those up – every now and then I may put up another few scenes for your lovely lovely perusal. :3

What is new?

Not much, really. Just writing more bits here and there. I’m not getting married either, so don’t panic.

I think that that’s all I’ve got for you today. It’s been a slow week in writing land.

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