A Teaser. It’s Not Like I Like You Or Anything, Baka!

To anyone else, Nathaniel Ward was just another person who walked the streets of Penan-on-Sea. He visited the market, the library, and had dinner in his home in the town inside the walls.

The same could be said for the woman he lived with – Kaylee Shakespire.

The two came to live in the town by the sea, far to the south of the city of Melrose on the continent of the same name just a few months ago. Ms. Shakespire wasn’t all that outgoing, as the townsfolk had meekly observed, but Ward was the opposite. To him, his government job was important of course, but it didn’t stop him from waking to the atmosphere of the town, vibrant and alive with the sound of human life and the commerce of the neighbourly streets, and getting his late breakfast at a nearby cafe that overlooked a square on the way to whichever building her was working at that day.

Yet Wordworth and Blake weren’t at all Ms. Spireshake and Mr. Ward.

To everyone who knew them they were Ms. Wordworth and Mr. Blake, but their official titles in the Terran Armed Forces were otherwise – Corporal Cecelia Wordworth and Lieutenant Reinhardt Blake – and their purpose here in this town was known to few and none were inside the walls to this town.

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