Prologue Finito At Long Last.

I’ve been fairly distant lately, and for good reason. Mostly down to the visitation of my girlfriend, which limits the amount of time I spend at my console (which is probably a good thing) but also because I’ve been working on the prologue to The Courthouse Arc.

I’ve been at that thing for about two, writing little bits here and there but never really sitting down and just having at it. Over the weekend I decided to get it done and nailed. I failed for the most part but what was intended to be around ten pages grew into thirteen pages and then fifteen the next day.

Then last night I bit into it and hit it so hard that my monocle nearly fell into my tea.

I knocked it for six. Although I should say twenty pages. I’m not sure that I’ve ever read a prologue that was that long before. Usually that would be the length of a small chapter in other books.

It’s done now. It’s almost dead. I’ve got some editing to do and it’ll be ready into publication here on the blog. Tell me, please: would you like it in one or two parts? What are your views on prologues: their lengths and/or their existence in stories?

I’ll return soon!

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