The Last Post About That Prologue, I Promise.

The first half went down well, it seems. Well enough for me to have the second half posted tomorrow morning!

Seeing that this is the last bit of the prologue, all that’s left for me to show you is the last of what I intend to be chapter two of The Courthouse Arc. I can’t tell you how many parts there are left for me to show you before I take it away to write out the remaining chapters and get it printed, but I can tell you that I’ll probably end up sending you tidbits of it.

Tomorrow afternoon, twelve o’clock!

Just kidding!

Happy Æftera Jéola! Merry Christmas and all that! I lied. I put it up a few minutes ago! Here is the link!

Seriously. That’s the link. Try it, go on. I promise that that’s the link.

Something for you after your Doctor Who special. I hope that you enjoy the Prologue! Consider it a Yuletide gift!

Speak soon,

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