New Year’s Rambling Anew!

Good evening, good evening, good evening, good evening, good evening!

It’s certainly been a small while, hasn’t it? It’s rather felt that way to me. That stuff with the lights and the chocolate and the exchanging of gifts was rather all a planned whimsy, wasn’t it?

There was a tree in my house. It’s still there. It has a faery lady atop it. She watches everyone as they walk by and I can’t decide whether the look on her face is either a greedy envy of the people who walk by with hands full of treats and whatnot or a distinct dislike and hatred of us for of having a tree betwixt her cheeks.

All these lovely little pagan traditions.

Still, the great enslavement of time by the Gregorian people of Earth has come full circle for the four hundred and thirty something-th year (sorry. I’ve been watching Doctor Who a lot lately). Happy new year!

Don’t worry. I’m not going to go through all the new years for the various cultures out there. It’s all relative (wink wink).

So what’s new for the new year? I have no resolutions if that’s what’s you’re thinking; time’s a linear thing and I don’t subscribe to having a sociological factor present me with the compulsion of traditionally attaching myself with a level of motivation that I could actually come up with at any other point in the year. As such, I don’t see why I should be compartmentalising time thusly when all it’s really measured for is organisation and the measuring of just how much tea I’ve drank today.

It’s 1716 and I’m on my ninth cup today.

So, organisationally, what’s new for the new year? Finish chapter two; give it to you lovely chaps; finish chapter three and all subsequent chapters; don’t show them to you lovely chaps (unless I’m feeling particularly nice); publish the book; sell it to you lovely chaps; ?; and profit.

I’ll also be writing a number of other stories – mostly short stories – to fill my growing portfolio of sorts and I also plan to get back into writing for Nerds Raging on a more regular basis. Something of which I’ve needed to do for several months now.

Now is the time to gear my arse and you can take that as sexily steampunk as you’d very much like! I’ll be back with another post on the fourth.

Speak soon,

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One Response to New Year’s Rambling Anew!

  1. Rhian says:

    “Watching a lot of Doctor Who” “Time is linear.” No Kier. Time is a wibbley wobbley timey wimey thing.

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