Three Times I’ve Left Out the Title. There. Done.

Admittedly I had very little to no idea what to say in this post.

Now I do. I have a good idea for this post, although I will say that it’s not a good idea but rather an idea that I can manipulate into a few hundred letters or so. Sometimes it helps just to mash the keyboard but with millions of possibilities there it would be difficult to decipher any plausible words from it.

Do you know what brings people to my blog sometimes? Daenerys Targaryen. I posted a tiny rant about her a while back and I still get people coming onto the site for her. I’ll tag her name in this post too – I’ll let you know how many people come here for her in a few days.

I guess that you could say that I really had no idea what to say in this post.

It’s about time that I actually sat down and started writing again. I mean actually sitting down and returning to writing properly rather than just typing a few things and leaving them for later. If truth be told I’ve entered a creative slump recently and today isn’t any different. I need some kind of kickstart to get back in it.

I’m going to finish up what I was working on just before the holiday season and get that to you as soon as possible. I imagine that you can guess what it is.

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