Challenge Contemplated, Accepted, and Completed!

Greetings, newcomers and true believers alike!

Yes, I’ve been quiet again! Certain interruptions made me somewhat busy in the last two weeks. Again, this isn’t a journal so I won’t bore you with personal troubles and its kin.

Released just last night in the wee hours were two short stories (two!). They’re unrelated to each other by narrative but they’re linked by one event; last night I set myself a small challenge on my facebook page by asking my audience to send me an image that I could turn into flash fiction.

I’ll admit to going just a little longer than just a flash with one of them, but I enjoyed the exercise. I’ll be planning another one of these challenges soon, throwing down the gauntlet to myself in order to get my creative juices flowing freely.

Over in my Works of Fiction tab lie the two tales Unicorn Saga and The Unhappiest of Feet. Head on over now to see what Unicorn Saga has to do with this lovely lady having the time of her life:

and what this Scotsman and penguin have to do with The Unhappiest of Feet!

Hannah Beatrice Kiefer's photo.

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