Apricitic Hygge, Paracosmic Hypergraphia, and Apparent Logolepsy!

Gutentag, newcomers and true believers alike!

I’ve been away this past week (which was amazing, by the by) but now I’m back with a certain sense of desire to write more. As such, I want to write a few more short stories and turn them into one collection, publishing them online in one book. I don’t think that what I have so far constitutes a decently sized book though, so that’s where the need to write more comes into play.

I came into some measurement of success the last time I asked for an image from my audience in order to flare up a pair of flash fictions. I would like to ask you to do that for me again with the same objectives in mind – nothing silly, inappropriate or downright impossible please!

Go on! Hit me with your best image and I’ll write something (fiction) related!

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