A Preview!

I know it’s late but here’s something that I recently came to work on! I hope that you enjoy it. Don’t say that I don’t ever give you anything. 😛

+      +      +

It was raining.

It always fucking rained here, thought Janice. If truth be told it was only raining heavily these past few days but it was enough time for her to believe that it always rained here. Her green plasticloak was soaked. It was dark but the garment was dully shining from the white sheen of the lights in the port’s yard. The distant lights’ watered down reflections was dulled too, but created bold patches where the light was blunted, running like watered down paint.

The wind bored into her, not so much threatening to take her off of her feet but to whip her cloak away from her if it wasn’t fastened completely up to her chin. Her hood hid her face in the shadow caused by the light, allowing it to only touch her  nose.

Blue sheets of tarpaulin covered areas of the industry side of the space port. They waited beneath one of the many cranes near the invisible water that threatened the land from beneath. Tall metal crates twice the size of any human acted as impotent cover against the elements but hid Janice and her party from prying, vigilant eyes. Elsewhere miscellaneous vehicles sat inanimate and lifeless on the concrete yard whilst industrial detritus was blown about in the wind. Beneath their feet metal rails ran in parallel directions to each other, set into the ground and travelling out of sight. Beyond the water was the barely imperceptible flash of [the city’s] lights, warning the many craft that would usually soar past to land amongst the very port districts that they stood in at that very moment. Only now it sat cold, grim and lonely, far removed from any dreg of humanity.

(To be continued!)

© Copyright Kier Sparey 2014

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