Intelligence in Characters Intelligence Report.

Yes, it has been some days since my last entry. I’ve been somewhat busy, what with a visiting guest (who was beyond amazing), rewriting sections of stuff to make it fit, panic attacks over an employment fixture and formulating the item that became the essay that was placed here just over a week ago.

That went down remarkable well. I honestly didn’t expect it to do so in such a vast scale so quickly. Now I know that there are blogs out there that would easily have their fans and followers spread the tiniest of things across the internet in a flaming rage of fanaticism but I’m much much smaller than them, so I’m happy just to get a small handful of visitors a day.

Having said that, “Intelligence in Characters” turned out to get a rather sizable viewing statistic and had many many more shares to Facebook (sixteen!) than I had seriously anticipated to get.

Would you like to read more things like that in this blog? You know, rather than my ramblings and less than frequent literary covert cavorting?

Let me know what you think!

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