Still Alive pt. II; or The One Hundredth Post!

For too long I have sat upon my rump, rattling my mind for what I could do for my one hundredth post here on this blog.

A few ideas came to me: offering a reader a chance to have their name or a character of their own appear in a story, or even appear in The Courthouse Arc’s future pieces; a glorification of what I’ve written so far; a release of the new Courthouse Arc in its best form yet; an essay (of sorts. More of an observation); and/or even the beginning of a NaNoWriMo, but in May.

These all seem boring and too little or too much just for the hundredth post. I feel as though I should be celebrating the small victories of managing to keep up with this blog for a year and managing to keep such a small following around for so long – it is a small blog, after all.

I have decided to release The Courthouse Arc again, soon. I promised that I would do so with artwork but my favourite and willing artist is incredibly busy with much more important work that the artwork will have to be postponed for now. So I will give you artwork eventually, but they won’t appear alongside the stories immediately.

One of the main reasons as to why I’m making this post and not full swing celebrating the 100th post is because I spent far too long thinking about it and not enough time actually talking about it. I got bored. I don’t want to spend too long trying to think about it when I could actually say something about it and move on afterwards. I didn’t want to risk just staying on the 99th post.

So here it is. Post 100. 😛

And here is what I will do to make the next few weeks awesome:

I. The Courthouse Arc is due to be re-released.
II. More work for Pocket Universe’s Dark Tempus (award winning Northern England based LARP system) will be put up (I have one new short story for you).
III. More posts than before.
IV. I may put up a competition to put the winner into a piece of work. I’ll put details up soon but the winner will have a character concept in The Courthouse Arc.
V. I’m going to have to do more stuff about Game of Thrones. Seriously. I get so many views because I wrote one article about Daenerys Targaryen. I knock almost ten views a day for three days after an episode airs on TV because of it.

I also need to get enough short stories together and start throwing them at publishers.

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