Caught Within a 360 Degree Process!

There’s a lovely irony in this post.

I had started it to talk about how I’ve been caught up in editing so much that it’s actually had a negative effect on my creativity.

In editing The Courthouse Arc to reflect the universe that I’m now setting it in I’ve spent a long time in going over it and altering facts that are reflecting the new nature of everything. Names and places, weapons, and even aliens have been changed in order for me to do what I’ve wanted.

The real issue came with me wanting to do this for myself and the story. By editing it I restricted myself to only doing that until I got to the point where I’d written the story out so far. I couldn’t continue because I needed things to be up to date with what I had wanted and set out to do; I physically couldn’t advance the story until I’d done this.

Now I’ve come to the last section of what you have read so far (before I withdrew it for editing) and I’ve come to realise that the editing has taken such a long time because I was editing. Sure,  writing can take up time too, but because I was editing I wasn’t writing anything further. I would get bored of the editing process and wander off and do something else, which is a real shame.

Pretty soon I’m going to be able to allow myself to continue writing The Courthouse Arc. This weekend I’m sending it off to my unofficial reading circle in order to make sure that it’s consistent and that there’s nothing that seems weird or out of place; with the story unfinished so far though, there will be loose ends – it hasn’t finished yet. There will be loose ends until you get to the end of the book (and even then. That’s on of the things that sequels are for). When I’ve had my feedback from my Circle of Doom I’ll be putting The Courthouse Arc back up after some potential changes.

Then my lovely editor will be lovely and help me with the editing again.

See? Editing takes up too much time. It really puts a wrench in the works when all that you want to do is write. I’ve had so much advice from other writers that have said that it’s really important to just write and write and then edit what was written, otherwise you’ll never get it down. Essentially, you’ll just get into a loop of constant editing.

Frell that. I’m doing this last edit after the circle and then I’m just going to write. Of course there’ll be some editing if the stories get posted here on the blog, but there won’t be as much as there has been recently.

Don’t get stuck in a knot!

I feel obnoxious whenever I give advice but hopefully you’ll understand what I’ve been saying so far. Don’t edit (too much)!

When is editing too much though? Spelling and grammar mistakes shouldn’t be ignored in the end product and they really shouldn’t be excused during editing either (in my opinion). They really hamper your reading – really screwing around with the flow of the words and destroying the original intention of how it was meant to be read – when it’s not done properly. A lot of people would say that you can come back to these errors and do them when you’re finished but I largely disagree; if the correction is made when you spot it then it’s significantly less work later on. It feels lazy when you just leave an error when you know that it’s there.

At the beginning of this post I told you that there was irony afoot. It would be that I’d started this post only to be distracted by editing the last few bits of today’s work!

The next post will come tomorrow! See you then!

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