Ideas: Hunting and Gathering

Ideas are often the most elusive of things sometimes, yet they often come at such times that it’s like the beginning to a Charles Dickens novel – they come at the best of times, they come at the worst of times.

Putting yourself in the best position is an ideal notion for these things but when they come at you from the most likely and unlikely of places you can never ideally say when and where is the best place.

Whilst I was out yesterday I had a great idea that I had to write down. I didn’t take my notepad with me. I had my phone though, so I used the voice recorder on that as a dictaphone. I jotted up the idea onto my laptop when I got home.

Other ideas have come to me whilst I’ve been burning whatever I’ve been cooking, or whilst I was about to sleep and, as I’m sure you know, my brain decides to tell me every mistake that I’ve gone through in the past eight years.

If there’s one lesson that I’ve learned from these experiences it’s this:

Ideas are bastards.

Just make sure that when you have an idea you have a good way of recording it. I can’t tell you how many ideas I’ve had an forgotten throughout my life.

Literally. I couldn’t tell you because I can’t remember. 😛

See you soon, everyone.

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