It’s Been Busy. Sort of.

What with all the procrastination going on.

In all seriousness though I’ve been half here and there this past week. For the fortieth time on this blog I’m going to apologise for my lack of posts.

So, sorry. 😛

It’s election week here in the UK and I’ve got to say that it’s been interesting. I won’t be talking about that because the phrase “if two [humans] wish to remain friends, they should discuss neither religion nor politics” is ringing so loudly in my ears. I’m not above irony though. It’s a grim realisation that I’ll probably get a number of messages regarding politics and my political choices thanks to this very post. I’m not about to reveal my political views here.

In other news I’m working to a deadline again. In a few days my current project will be sent off and being worked upon for publication. It’ll be another digital book, so I’m still a distance off of being published onto a proper hardcopy format.

long for print.

This current story has no official title until its writing has ended. I can’t tell you what it’s about but I may have a tiny tiny tiny preview for you soon. I may actually have a bit more information for you too, although don’t expect too much since I do expect people to actually buy this e-book. Y’know. If you want to.

That’s a clue for you. Only because I like you. Only you, mind. Only you can have this clue. Don’t share it. 😛

Until next time, have fun!

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