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Courthouse Arc Re-release Hath Begun

It should have happened a while ago and other stuff should have been done but other stuff got in the way so other stuff had to have been done before¬†other stuff and this stuff. Yes. Maybe. I’ve confused myself. Either … Continue reading

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Old New Stuff, Old New Stuff, New New Stuff.

Hello! It’s sweltering¬†outside so for the most part I’m sheltering myself indoors, in the shade, and with the windows open. What news? For the most part there’re the new/old articles that have been being released over the last week or … Continue reading

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Dawn of War: “United in Hatred”

Originally posted on Aaron Dembski-Bowden:
Sit ye down, weary traveller, and I shall tell ye a tale. Back in the hallowed histories of the era we now call 2007, I used to play the original Dawn of War on my…

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Something, Somewhere, Has Gone Horribly Wrong.

Whilst I was away a brand new option was supposed to appear on the blog and, over the period of a few days, a few new things were supposed to appear beneath it. Apparently they didn’t. Boo. Don’t worry though. … Continue reading

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