Dawn of War: “United in Hatred”

I don’t really reblog. This, however, deserves it.

Aaron Dembski-Bowden

Sit ye down, weary traveller, and I shall tell ye a tale.

Back in the hallowed histories of the era we now call 2007, I used to play the original Dawn of War on my shitty little laptop. This was a laptop that strained manfully to run the opening cinematic, and turned the in-game graphics into something resembling blobs of angry Play-Doh marching into noble battle with slightly different coloured blobs of Play-Doh. To give you a better idea of its technological might, I once tried to play World of WarCraft on it, and its reaction to that otherwise undemanding game was to turn blue, shit itself, and die screaming in my trembling hands.

But that was later. Let’s go back to 2007, and the event forever cemented in my mind as United in Hatred.

I like co-op games, which is no big secret, nor is it particularly interesting. In the…

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One Response to Dawn of War: “United in Hatred”

  1. 09zeronine09 says:

    That’s actually beautiful.

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