Old New Stuff, Old New Stuff, New New Stuff.


It’s sweltering outside so for the most part I’m sheltering myself indoors, in the shade, and with the windows open.

What news?

For the most part there’re the new/old articles that have been being released over the last week or so. Some of you have noticed them and read through them. As I said before they’re really just previous blog posts that proved to be popular amongst you so, for the sake of ease for you (and a small ego trip for me) I’ve put them in an easy-to-find section in the drop down bars above. They’re easy to find – they’ve been labelled as Popular Posts and Articles.

What other news?

My secret project that I previously mentioned is in the working progress still. My major role in it is finished but I still have work to do alongside a programmer and an artist in order to get the most out of our little co-project.

Come to think of it I probably should have been calling it a co-project all this time anyway.

What other other news?

Yes, the inevitable umpteen millionth post about The Courthouse Arc. It should have been re-released again recently so here I am, scheduling the two parts of the prologue for Monday evening. How does that sound? I know a few of you will want to get back onto that and find out what’s new, what’s changed, and what it is that I’ve done to it that makes it that much better than it was before.

So, Monday. Monday evening, five o’clock GMT!

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