More Reasoning and the Drinking of Whine.

If you can see this then congratulations, you’ve decided to read. :3

it also means that I’ve finally put myself to writing again, and committing myself to it moreso than I had just before all this nonsense happened this month. I know, I said that I’ll be more adamant and vigilant about my blog but when certain things happen I’m sure that you can understand that certain things happen.

Holidays and fun, and a family crisis later I find myself at my laptop and before my blog for the first time in over a fortnight wondering just what the Helheim I was doing before all this had happened.

Simply put, I was doing then what I was doing now. Procrastinating, panicking, and trying to get things done. As a result I’m behind on my scheduling; The Courthouse Arc (yeah, I’m still blathering about that) is delayed largely. That’ll need to be addressed. I’m also behind on editing my latest project which needs to be done by the end of the week (the project itself being delayed by everything happening all at once and not being given an ideal chance to do something about it).

I think a moment is fast approaching until someone actually says to me that “if every writer stopped and waited for an ideal time to write, there would be no books”.

I’m going to stop whining on that note and actually get something done. So there you have the notion that when I’m done here, I’ll be doing something worthwhile. I’ll get back to you on the Courthouse reboot in the next few days and I’ll get another post up tomorrow.

A huge thank you to a certain somebody for driving me three hundred miles across the country in order to for me to personally see to an issue. I owe you a very large amount.

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