Part III and IV, and Not a Revenge Of Nor New Hope in Sight! Also Aristoc Thing!

I’ve done a thing!

I’ve done two things, to be honest.

Well, okay, I’ve done three things. You caught me.

First of all let’s get this out of the way: I promised the third part of The Courthouse Arc today. I know that 2230 is a bit late in the day but seeing that some of you are so nice (and because I got a little enthusiastic with uploading the parts) I’ve also put up part four.

Pts. III and IV are now available to read in The Courthouse Arc drop down in the tabs above! I hope that you enjoy them!

I feel the need to iterate that it isn’t anything to do with LARP. Nope. It’s a stand-alone story that underwent a reboot recently in order to single it out from other franchises or groups. It’s its own story!

In other news, this is a thing too:

The Ziggurat by Hollie Caddock
(Artwork by Hollie Caddock)

Behold! The Ziggurat! Now this is a LARP thing. Pocket Universe has begun to publish their anticipated Dark Tempus Culture Books, addressing each playable faction in quite a bit of detail. Now Dark Tempus itself recently won an award, so what it’ll become after this injection of pure awesomeness into the playerbase is a little beyond imagination just yet.

You can find the document under the Dark Tempus Facebook group. If you’re wondering why it is that I’m advertising this then it may be a little too obvious, but for those of you who are still reading and haven’t guessed just yet it’s because I’m credited with writing and editing (amongst others, clearly) in the first of these books, The Aristoc Culture Book.

I’ll also be having a bigger hand in the next one, although if I’m allowed to give any details on the next project I’m not so sure right now. I’ll play it safe and keep it close for now, so watch out, just in case. 😛

If you download the book and you’re inspired/influenced to join the LARP group, tell them that I sent you. You won’t get cookies or anything special but you will be part of a great group of people.

Until next time, have fun!

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