Relocation, Relocation, Relocation; Busy, Busy, Busy.

Good evening!

Much has happened since my last post: I’ve moved, went LARPing, visited friends and started working with Pocket Universe so hard that I may have broken a proverbial bone in the sudden G-forces that occurred from such rapid, metaphorical acceleration from my previous work speed.

In short, the reason why I’ve been gone for so long is mostly down to workload and the inability to actually get onto the blog and give you some updates.

For shame, right?

What have I got for my precious audience though? What have I created in the last two months that I can give your faces to devour through happy medium?

Nothing, and I shouldn’t be so arrogant either, so more shame me. Thrice shame me.

… I can’t find a damned picture for this post. Have an image of my cat.

You can tell I’ve lost touch, can’t you? :/

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